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 2020 OPD Conference. Cancelled due to COVID-19. Will return in 2021.  

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Welcome to the Inaugural ICCA Conferences

The International College of Celebrancy has been providing training and professional development for celebrants world-wide since 1995. We have students in the USA, UK, Europe and of course, in Australia.  Our Alumni and Friends Association began in 2002 and we have been involved with training and professional development in many ways since then. 

ICCA is the Association arm of the college. Our 2020 Conference Sessions will be in both Melbourne - (11th October at Hotel Chadstone) and Sydney (25th October at Heart and Soul Celebrations) and will take the following form:-

Session 1. International Matters. Presented by migration experts who will provide information on the current state of FiancÚ, Spouse visas, whatever the state of affairs will be in October 2020.  The session will include a time for questions from celebrants who have been engaged by couples applying for visas. No further detail can be provided as it will depend on the state of affairs within Immigration at the time of the conference.

Session 2. Part 1 – Ceremony Presentation – The Art of Ceremony Design. This session will provide discussion on what ceremony design entails, and the elements that support this design ie activities that take place before the ceremony starts, working through to the processional of the bride. Discussion in groups as how others see the family role in the design, eg how to involve family and friends in the ceremony, and how the various activities and elements work towards envisioning the heart of the ceremony, particularly in defining what is the heart of the ceremony. It will also include advice and discussion on what might be done should things go wrong. 

Session 3. Part 2 – Ceremony Presentation – The Art of Ceremony Delivery.  This is related to managing the vocal presentation of the celebrant in order to meet the ceremonial needs of the audience. There is no point in creating a beautiful ceremony if you are unable to deliver it with vocal skill, ensuring the words are heard and understood and the meaning of the words delivered.  Many celebrants are subject to nerves on the day and knowing how to manage nervousness is a vital skill.  It is a practical session where participants will be invited to share experiences and will include a panel discussion with celebrants from diverse cultures where participants will be invited to ask questions about cultural norms and obligations. There will also be an opportunity for Q&A on any aspects of legal delivery.

Session 3. Pros and Cons of Social Media. Social media has become a term synonymous with business marketing. One of the biggest advantages of social media is that it is easy, accessible and helpful for making a large impact. Social media helps networking with professionals, it helps collaborating with peers and it allows you to share content quickly. It also assists celebrants to market to a very broad group. However, as with all technologies, there are downsides, such as the time to be spent and the need to manage this within your business model.  Discussion and feedback on how the participants currently use and manage their own social media will be encouraged.

Download your registration form from here. We are not high-tech so do not have the advantage of online registration and trust you will work with us to complete and return the form as described on it.


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