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 2020 OPD Conference. Cancelled due to COVID-19. Will return in 2021.  

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Murphy’s Law and the Pursuit of Happiness:
by Dally Messenger III.
 The history of the Civil Celebrant movement in Australia.
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$35 plus p&p.


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Celebrant Centre Funeral Items

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PUB016 : Funeral Ceremony Planning Booklet, created by pioneer funeral celebrant Kathy Hurley- $20

PUB001 : Ceremonies and Celebrations contains a full chapter on funeral planning and conducting - $30

PUB039 : Inspiring Funeral and Memorial Services by Wendy Haynes - $35

PUB035 : Saying Goodbye
by Norma Watson - $25

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thumb Sashas Legacy

Th Final What happens


PUB006 : Coping with Grief by Mal and Dianne McKissock - $19.95

PUB005 : Sasha’s Legacy by Dr. Nicola Daly - $30.00

PUB024 :What Happens When You Die? : by funeral celebrant Robyn O’Connell - $19.95



Funeral Pack 1 – contains Funeral Planning Booklet and Funeral Questionnaire Forms in a Your Ceremony folder.



Funeral Pack 1 x5  – contains Five Funeral Pack 1 – Discount Pack



Funeral Pack 3 – contains Ten Funeral Questionnaires – Discount Pack



Funeral Questionnaire Forms -
Discount Packs, 10 = $20, 50 = $90



Best Practice Funerals Conference - 2005. A 2 DVD set of the conference held at Queens College in 2005. Outstanding presentation on funerals by Di Storey, Dally Messenger and others.


Copyright held by Dally Messenger III : All rights reserved.

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