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 2020 OPD Conference. Cancelled due to COVID-19. Will return in 2021.  

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Murphy’s Law and the Pursuit of Happiness:
by Dally Messenger III.
 The history of the Civil Celebrant movement in Australia.
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Rites of Passage and Adolescence

This book invites you on a journey. It is a journey that has been made since the beginning of time, by all people everywhere. Yet no one has, or ever will, make the journey quite like you will. The journey cannot be avoided, and no one can make it for you. It is a journey for everyone, yet it may be the most personal experience of your life.
It is the journey an adolescent makes into adulthood."

So begins, The Journey, A Creative Approach to the Necessary Crises of Adolescence, a modern rite of passage that honors the threshold between childhood and adulthood with the dignity and meaning it once possessed. Like all rites of passage, The Journey creates, through carefully selected activities and exercises, the space wherein the magic of self-discovery can happen, then provides the means for that discovery to be transformed into a "gift" to and for the world. The "direction" of The Journey is inward, to awaken within each adolescent an individual sense of purpose and meaning. The path is divided into five phases, each with its own distinct challenges and opportunities for learning:

These are the words used by David Oldfield to describe his outstanding text, ‘The Journey’. A pioneer in the field of Adolescent Rites of Passage, David’s texts are used by schools, colleges and individuals throughout the western world. In conjunction with a trained facilitator, groups of young people from all walks of life, and at many stages, can be aided in their own journey to discover their own internal truth.

The ICC regularly holds such journeys, please be in touch if you are interested in attending or becoming a trained facilitator.



Rites of Passage:
he David Oldfield Books


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PUB025 : The Journey: Teacher printing - $67

PUB026 : Private Paths - Common Ground - $90

PUB027 : The Legacy - $35

PUB028 : Winnowing - $31

Copyright held by Dally Messenger III : All rights reserved.

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