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 2020 OPD Conference. Cancelled due to COVID-19. Will return in 2021.  

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Murphy’s Law and the Pursuit of Happiness:
by Dally Messenger III.
 The history of the Civil Celebrant movement in Australia.
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Celebrant Centre Other Ceremony Packs

Commitment and Renewal or Re-affirmation of Vows ceremonies are inspiring and emotional events for all couples. The commitment ceremony is as important to the couple as a legal marriage. All the traditional aspects of ceremony can be included and the couple can contribute fully to the ceremony to make it uniquely theirs. Our family commitment certificates acknowledge and recognise the joining of families and children on this special occasion. These are available in various formats, please ask us for the format to suit.

Important milestones in a marriage can be acknowledged with an emotionally rewarding Renewal or Re-affirmation of Vows ceremony. This inspiring event can acknowledge or re-unite a marriage and family and perhaps allow friends and family not around for the first ceremony, to take an active part. Our elegant certificates of commemoration and acknowledgement will remain treasured family memories.

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CER002 Commitment Certificate - $3.70

ENV006 Certificate of Commitment Envelope - $1.90

CER019 Family Commitment -

CER010 Certificate of Appreciation -

thumb Reaff of Vow
Final Reaff of vows env
Th Final Yr Ceremony
thumb Commitment Br

CER012 Dove Watermark Reaffirmation of Vows Certificate - $3.70 

ENV009 Reaffirmation of Vows Envelope - $1.90

STA003 Your Ceremony Document Folder - $3.50
STA003a Discount Packs. 10 = $30, 50 = $140

PUB003c Your Commitment Ceremony Information Brochure -$1.50
PUB003d  :Discount Packs:10 = $12, 100 = $100


Commitment Pack 1 – contains Your Commitment Ceremony brochure, 1 Commitment certificate with envelope, 2 Certificates of Appreciation with envelopes in Your Ceremony folder.

$ 16.00


Commitment Pack 2 – Pack 1 plus Ceremonies and Celebrations by Dally Messenger

$ 40.00


Commitment Pack 1 x5 – contains Five Commitment Packs 1 - Discount Pack

$ 77.00





Reaffirmation Pack 1 - contains 1 Reaffirmation of Vows certificate with envelope, 2 Certificates of Appreciation with envelopes in Your Ceremony folder.

$ 15.50




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