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 2020 OPD Conference. Cancelled due to COVID-19. Will return in 2021.  

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Murphy’s Law and the Pursuit of Happiness:
by Dally Messenger III.
 The history of the Civil Celebrant movement in Australia.
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$35 plus p&p.


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Celebrant Centre Wedding items

Creating the perfect ceremony for your couple is made easier with these books, booklets and brochures. These excellent celebrant resource books are written by top celebrants, including Dally Messenger, a pioneer of civil celebrancy in Australia. Our marriage packs are specially designed to help you with your clients, providing all the basic materials you need to start this most important conversation. Discount packs help you keep your costs to a minimum, an important consideration.
Recognition of the special services provided by family and friends can be made with the elegant appreciation certificates. Providing quality materials to your clients ensures their compliments to you reach their friends.

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Th Final Cer & Celeb CD

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iyw front cover

PUB001 : Ceremonies and Celebrations by Dally Messenger - $30.
PUB034: Ceremonies and Celebrations Book and CD pack - $45.

DVD001: Ceremonies and Celebrations CD - all the ceremonies, readings, vows available to use directly into your ceremony with full copyright permissions - $30.

PUB031 - Create Your Own Inspiring Wedding Ceremony by Wendy Haynes - $35.

PUB002 : It’s Your Wedding Booklet - 5 example ceremonies - $10.
PUB002a : It’s Your Wedding Discount Packs -
5 books $9 ea,
50 books $7 ea,
100 books $6 ea

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PUB003: Your Marriage Ceremony Information Brochure - $1.50
Discount Packs
10 = $1.20, 100 = $50.00

STA002 : Your Marriage Ceremony Document Folder - $3.50
Discount Packs :
10 folders $30, 50 folders $137.50, 100 folders $250.

ENV003 : Certificate of Marriage envelope. - $1.80
Discount Packs: 10 = $14,
50 = $65.

STA003 : Your Ceremony Document Folder - $3.50
Discount Packs :
10 folders $30, 50 folders $137.50, 100 folders $250.

thumb Cert Apprec

thumb Cert Apprec env

CER010 : Certificate of Appreciation - $1.90

ENV008 : Classy envelope to accompany the stylish Certificate of Appreciation - $1.70

Item No.

Marriage Packs - for Celebrants



Marriage Pack 1 – contains It’s Your Wedding booklet, Your Wedding Ceremony brochure, Wedding Certificate Envelope, Notice of Intent to Marry, Happily Ever Before and After (Govt publication) in Your Marriage Ceremony folder.                                        

$ 18.00


Marriage Pack 2 – Pack 1 plus 2 Certificates of Appreciation with envelopes

$ 26.00


Marriage Pack 3 – Pack 1 plus Ceremonies and Celebrations by Dally Messenger

$ 44.00


Marriage Pack 4 – Complete with all items.  

$ 50.00


Marriage Pack 1 x5 – contains Five Marriage Pack 1 - Discount Pack

$ 85.00


Ceremonies and Celebrations - 10 book Pack - Discount Pack


Copyright held by Dally Messenger III : All rights reserved.

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